Dennis and Hunter Heide. Founders of H2 Botanix and H2 Processing

A CBD Wholesaler you can trust

We have always been a family business and have built this brand of trust and our love for CBD products have made us create something great.  We have all of our test results, updated on a regular basis. We take pride in our products and that's why we have all of our test results right here on our website for everyone to see.

Grow your business with H2 processing

Consumers all around are clamoring CBD, and H2 Processing can keep up with the demand with our brand name and our one of the kind products made right here in the USA in our labs, we give you the best opportunity to sky rocket your sales.

CBD is just getting started

The Cannabidiol ( CBD) market is expected to reach 23.7 billion USD by 2027. The market was valued at around 395.2 million USD in 2019 and is expected to have a growth rate of 30.4 % year after year by 2027. By getting ahead of the market and partnering up with a family based high quality brand gives you an advantage.

CBD Wholesaler FAQs

The process is fairly easy; you can give us a call at 407-395-4448 or fill out our Wholesale CBD application form and one of our representatives will contact you.

This varies, we check your criteria and how much volume you can handle through your stores and we will base our decision on that.

Pricing for CBD wholesalers varies case-by-case. Please contact our wholesale team at 407-395-4448 or emails us at

CBD brands can expect growth year after year. The industry grew at 700% in 2019 alone in the U.S. By the end of 2020 alone the global market should be around $9.3 billion.

The future of the CBD Industry is a steady and rapid growing. The CBD market compound growth is estimated to be 49% by 2024.

CBD Wholesaler Form