CBD 101


Learning about CBD:

CBD, or Cannabidiol, is a cannabinoid found highly concentrated in some hemp and cannabis strain plants. There are well over 100 cannabinoids that have been identified in hemp and cannabis. Of all the known cannabinoids, CBD is simply one with the most promising results in treating a variety of symptoms while being non-intoxicating.

CBD from hemp is exactly the same compound as CBD found in cannabis, but because of the affordability of industrial hemp, CBD derived from hemp is significantly more affordable then its counterpart. Plus, the level of THC, the intoxicating component of cannabis, is at miniscule levels of concentration in hemp and even that is removed in our THC free products.

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is a biological system composed of endocannabinoids (cannabinoids produced by the body) and the receptors they bind to; cannabinoid receptor type 1 (CB1) and cannabinoid receptor type 2 (CB2). The endocannabinoid system has been shown to be involved in the regulation of a number of physiological, cognitive and other processes throughout the human body.
In simpler terms, it is the system responsible for maintaining cellular homeostasis throughout the body by using and processing your body’s naturally produced cannabinoids and any other cannabinoids that may be consumed.

These receptors are found throughout your body. Endocannabinoids bind to them in order to signal that the ECS needs to take action. There are two main endocannabinoid receptors:

  • CB1 receptors, which are mostly found in the central nervous system
  • CB2 receptors, which are mostly found in your peripheral nervous system, especially immune cells

Endocannabinoids can bind to either receptor. The effects that result depend on where the receptor is located and which endocannabinoid it binds to.
For example, endocannabinoids might target CB1 receptors in a spinal nerve to relieve pain. Others might bind to a CB2 receptor in your immune cells to signal that your body’s experiencing inflammation, a common sign of autoimmune disorders.


Cannabinoids are a group of chemical compounds that are most commonly found in–but not exclusive to—cannabis. In addition to being produced naturally by the human endocannabinoid system, cannabinoids have also been found in other botanical sources, including hops and varieties of Echinacea. At least 113 cannabinoids have been isolated from cannabis and characterized, with two of the most notable ones being cannabidiol (CBD) tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Broad and Full Spectrum have had many meanings in common day use, however how they apply to the CBD industry have been taken to mean the following:

Broad Spectrum - is the presence of a broad range of cannabinoids in any product that are similar to the profile found in the hemp plant that it was derived from, minus the presence of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Broad spectrum products retain the majority of the natural benefits of the plant while concentrating them into an easy to use product and protecting our clients from possibly having any intoxicating effects of THC.

Full Spectrum – is the presence of the exact profile of cannabinoids of the hemp or cannabis plant that the product was derived from, including any amount of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Meaning, every cannabinoid that was present in the plant before extraction, is present in the final product and in the same ratios that were found in the plant. Full spectrum products retain all the natural benefits of the plant while concentrating them into an easy to use product.

CBD Isolate is a highly refined and purified version of CBD that is 99.99% pure CBD. It has its uses, however you lose a lot of the possible benefits of the hemp plant by bypassing the many other cannabinoids present. Isolate is typically much cheaper and completely THC free. At H2 Botanix, we do not offer isolate as we feel CBD products should contain the same make up as the hemp plant found in nature. We offer a THC free version of these compounds as our alternative to having to take CBD isolate products due to concerns of ingesting THC.

CBD is naturally found in hemp plants as Cannabidolic Acid (CBDA), which is a very similar analogue of CBD. There are slight differences in the effects of CBDA and CBD, however the main difference is that CBD is more active then CBDA. Meaning that the body more readily and efficiently absorbs CBD after it has been “decarboxylated” and has dropped its carbon molecule transforming it into CBD. Decarboxylation is the process of removing this carbon molecule from CBDA by heating the material to approximately 110C (230 F) and turning it into CBD.

Hemp Seed oil and Hemp oil are often confused. Hemp Seed Oil is derived from hemp seeds, where the seeds are processed and refined into an oil similar to coconut oil or grape seed oil. Hemp seeds contain non-detectable levels of cannabinoids and are used as a dietary supplement and nutritional product. Hemp oil is derived primarily from the flowers of the hemp plant. Hemp Seed oil has no noticeable therapeutic value due to the lack of any present cannabinoids. So be careful when doing your research!

Hemp derived CBD can currently be shipped to and bought in all 50 states and over 30 countries around the world. The 2018 Farm Bill removed hemp-derived CBD from the federal list of controlled substances, but it comes down to a state by state basis on how they regulate it. We recommend you check with local government officials, customs office, or law enforcement for the most up to date answer to this question. All H2 Botanix comply with the federal hemp bill and our state regulations, however we cannot give definitive answers for every state and country in the world. This answer should not be considered legal advice and we highly recommend you check with the previously mentioned regulating bodies about legality in your area.

Though all H2 Botanix products comply with the federal and state limit of 0.3% THC on a dry weight basis in all our products and our broad spectrum products contain undetectable levels of THC, this does not mean it is impossible to test positive on a drug test. Every drug test is different and some are more strict then others. H2 Botanix holds no liability for any positive results on a drug test. We highly recommend you consult your company or simply avoid using CBD products if this is a concern for you.


At H2 Processing we use locally sourced hemp grown under the department of agricultures strict regulations. Sourced from Tennesee, North Carolina, and Florida, we support our local farmers while ensuring we only use the highest quality hemp. There is a strict process of qualifying to be a farmer that we use including on sight inspections and full panel testing.

At H2 Processing we use a state of the art cryo-ethanol and standard ethanol extraction processes. This allows for us to target the compounds of the hemp that we want and extract only those. Our material then goes through 3 different stages of filtration and refinement to remove any and all contaminants and impurities. Then our oil moves on to distillation where we dual distill our material to allow only the highest purity CBD to pass our inspection. At every stage our product is tested thoroughly by third party labs allowing nothing that does not meet our high standards to continue on in the process.

Florida has some of the strictest testing requirements in the country. Meaning certain states allow certain amounts of contaminants, pesticides, heavy metals, etc in CBD oil. Florida has some of the lowest allowed concentrations in the country. Which means that when we pass our standards, it is now some of the cleanest and highest quality oil in the country. We test for heavy metals, pesticides, mycotoxins, bacteria, residual solvents, foreign filth or contaminants, potency, and terpenes. Each category has state requirements, but must also pass our own internal requirements to meet the standard we set out for our oil.

All hemp products must be below 0.3% THC. All of our Full Spectrum products contain THC that is below this limit. However, our Broad Spectrum products Contain 0.0% THC. Testing labs are not infallible, therefore Broad Spectrum products can have very minute amounts of THC in the range of 0.0001% THC to 0.01% THC. All drug tests are different, and thus have different THC thresholds that indicate a positive result with some being stricter then others. Until concrete data is obtained, please use our products wisely. H2 Processing holds no liability for any positive results on a drug test. We highly recommend you consult your company or simply avoid using CBD products if this is a likely concern for you.


Because our hands are tied somewhat with what we are allowed to say about what CBD does and does not due, we will be focusing here on basic ways generic drugs interact with the body. For example, if you sprain a muscle you may take an Aleve as well as put some ice on the area. We refer to this method as attacking the problem from within and without. Meaning that you are attempting to treat the symptom both internally and externally. With most basic pain and pain based symptoms, this is a great way to approach the problem. Taking something internally is going to affect your entire body as a system, meaning its going to go to your blood stream and be distributed throughout the body to the correlating receptors, telling your body to, for instance, reduce swelling. At the same time, also attempting to treat the symptom externally by putting ice or a cream or something similar directly to the area that is hurting covers your bases. A cream is going to be a more targeted and immediate response, where as taking something internally is going to be an extended response that treats the symptom over time.

CBD is no different. For whatever reason you are taking CBD, applying products externally is going to always be more targeted and have a more immediate effect. The way chemicals react in your body when applied topically veries from how they react when taken orally and absorbed by your stomach or through blood vessels in your mouth. Therefore, taking this two pronged approach addresses both immediate relief and extended release.

CBD meets the World Health Organization (WHO) definition of being psychoactive. The WHO defines psychoactive substances as substances “that, when taken in or administered into one’s system, affect mental processes, e.g. cognition or effect.”

However, CBD does not have an intoxicating effect similar to THC. There are no feelings of euphoria, stupor, or loss of control as is seen with THC consumption.

Our products do not require refrigeration, but we do recommend keeping them cool and in a dark dry place. Keeping them refrigerated is always best, but not required. Always make sure to shake well any liquid based product to ensure a complete mixture of flavoring, CBD, and any other ingredients used.


The world of CBD is ever evolving within the scientific community and studies are still ongoing in regards to the optimal amount to take for what symptom. However, its almost always recommended to do what we call, “titration.” This is the method of starting with a low dose and slowly working your way up to a stronger dose over the course of several days based on your bodies response. Listening to your bodies needs is huge! Your body will tell you what feels right and what seems to be working, and this is different for every single person. All the products we offer are clearly labeled how many milligrams of CBD you are taking within each soft-gel, or each dropper full of tincture. Take note of this. Until more doctors come on board with CBD it really comes down to the client to figure out their needs. For example( this is not a suggestion, simply an example of titrating), beginning with say 25mg a day, and then moving up 25mg every 2-3 days until you notice relief from whatever symptoms you are suffering from. Once you find that right dosage of CBD, stick with it! If you begin to notice it’s not helping any longer, then you can begin to continue upping the dosage following the original 2-3 day cycle.

Not all CBD is created equal, however our broad spectrum CBD is the starting material we use for the majority of our products and it is consistent among the different types of products. The major differences from one of our products to another one of our products is how you prefer to take it and the different rates of absorption of the CBD based on your preferred method of ingestion. A brief run down on how your body absorbs CBD is as follows: The lungs are highly vascular meaning they have many blood vessels there exchanging Oxygen and CO2 at a very high level. Because of this high vascularity, CBD is most efficiently absorbed into your blood stream when inhaled. This method is also the most efficient meaning that most of the CBD is getting into your system rapidly and wasting very little CBD in the process. The receptors in your mouth are the next most efficient, meaning letting CBD products sit in your mouth and allowing the vascularity of the mouth absorb the CBD is more efficient then simply swallowing it. The stomach can also absorb CBD but is slower because of the digestion process. Because of this, it allows for what we refer to as an extended release. Meaning your stomach slowly over time releases more and more CBD into your system from the CBD products digesting in your gut. Finally, absorbing CBD through the skin is the slowest and least efficient way of administration.


The CBD in our soft-gels is dissolved and absorbed by the stomach so they tend to be a little slower to get into the body, but because of this slower absorption they are also longer lasting. Soft-gels are great for someone looking for an all day effect that doesn’t come on to strong, but instead helps them get through a full workday or to last through the night. These are also great for someone who simply does not enjoy the texture or the flavor of our tinctures, or is just more comfortable taking a pill. Soft-gels are broad or full spectrum CBD (depending on which product you choose) and are diluted with fractionated coconut oil to ensure accurate dosing and flavored with organic peppermint oil.

The CBD in our tincture is being absorbed partially in your mouth, and partially in your stomach. This allows the CBD to enter your bodies system faster and slightly more efficiently. This means there’s a slightly faster onset of effect with tinctures, but it lasts slightly shorter than soft-gels. Our Tinctures are broad or full spectrum CBD (depending on which product you choose) and are diluted with fractionated coconut oil to ensure accurate dosing and flavored with organic peppermint oil. Being able to choose half a dropper, a full dropper, or a quarter dropper full of tincture at a time allows someone to be completely in charge of how much CBD they want to take. On our bottles they state how much CBD there is per dropper full, and by simply doing the math, you can decide exactly how much CBD you want to take every time.

The CBD in our inhaler is being absorbed partially in your mouth, and in your lungs. This route is going to be the fastest route into your system and therefore you will feel the effects of this product much quicker than you would feel the effects of the tincture or the soft-gels. Your lungs are the most vascular and thus the most efficient absorber of CBD in the body. The inhaler tends to be a little lower dose then the soft-gels and tinctures because of the high efficiency in which the CBD in our inhalers is absorbed. The inhaler is generally recommended for symptoms that require very immediate relief.

The CBD absorption on your skin is the least efficient, it is also the most targeted. So for example, anything being taken internally has to be absorbed and then circulated throughout the body to reach the right receptors to begin assisting in relief. Targeted external applications do not have to circulate and therefore focus on a much smaller area to effect. This results in a very specific area of receptors being loaded up with CBD, assisting your internal attack. Very superficial structures such as hands, feet, elbows and knees are the most well suited for treatment topically. Also, cremes/salves applied to highly vascular areas such as the neck, also seem to be an effective way to take the product.

Traditional CBD has a broad range of symptoms it helps relieve; however, more targeted products are on the way! By adding beneficial herbs, terpenes, and other cannabinoids, all anecdotally proven to have specific targeted systemic effects, we are able to enhance the usefulness of the CBD to address your specific need. Products such as a “Night Time” line, a “Morning Focus” line, a “Calm” line and a “Relief” line are all currently being researched and refined for your future benefit!