About H2 Botanix

What sets H2 Botanix apart from the rest is our 13,500 square foot facility where we have mastered every step in the CBD development process.

We don’t simply have another company make our products and put our label on it. We are intimately involved in EVERY step of the process from working with our partner farms to ensure we only use the highest quality hemp, to refining and processing the purest CBD to be used in our product line. We mix, formulate, and package every single H2 Botanix product in house, under direct supervision by our knowledgeable lab directors.

H2 Botanix provides the highest quality CBD for users wanting to be more active and/or to find alternative ways to deal with their everyday health concerns. Our products are of the highest quality, tested, and easy to acquire. Our proprietary formulations are continually being tested and certified. Our consumers utilize our alternative remedies for physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

Our commitment to providing the highest quality remedies is coupled with our commitment(desire) to provide continual user education in nutraceutical products. Our knowledgeable leadership and our commitment to innovation for both product types and usages set us apart from the rest. These three elements; Quality, Education, and Innovation help us to achieve our goal of being our customer’s wellness partner. 

Our Commitment to Be Your Wellness Partner

The H2 Botanix promise is to be YOUR Wellness Partner.
We deliver this by providing: Quality Nutraceutical Products, User Education & Continuous Innovation.

We Promise to Be:

Knowledgeable by hiring educated and experienced employees and offering continuous employee training to enhance consumer services, selecting knowledge leaders, sub-contractors, and expert advisors.

Professional by following high practicing standards of personal and business behavior, exhibiting our values and guiding principles in the areas of caregiver/wellness and the hemp processing industry. 

Trustworthy and Honest by following our own personal guiding principles. We know honesty is expected, but trust is earned. Our actions will gain your trust. 

Dennis and Hunter Heide. Founders of H2 Botanix and H2 Processing

The H2 Botanix Story

H2 Botanix is a Florida based, family owned and operated CBD processor and producer of hemp sourced CBD products. Dennis and Hunter Heide, father and son, started H2 Processing LLC in 2019. Hunter has a long history in the hemp world and convinced his dad, a physical therapist to join him in producing the H2 Botanix product line. With Hunter’s zeal and knowledge for the industry and Dennis’s health care background, they make a perfect team to bring high quality, low cost CBD products to ALL who need it. Personally and professionally we’ve found CBD to be highly effective and felt that the cost of CBD should not exclude anyone from its benefits. Our hope is that the H2 Botanix brand products will bring you health and allow you to enjoy your life to the fullest.

We share a common goal in our different experiences – helping people and providing wellness education. We decided to “retool” our past experience and commit to providing quality, all-natural, nutraceutical products. 

H2 Botanix is our “game changer”.  We select and produce quality, ethical products AND integrate them with user education and continuous innovation. 

Florida CBD Food Handling License

Florida allows us as producers to be some of the first facilities in the country to obtain a CBD food handling license. This means the state holds us to the same standards as restaurants and audits our processes and facility to ensure only the cleanest and safest material is making it into final products. This license, which is unique to Florida, allows us to legally and safely sell ingestible CBD products in an industry rife with self-regulation and questionable protocols. This licensure also calls us to a higher standard and clears our clients of possible liability.  

H2 Botanix Lab Testing

H2 Botanix utilizes the premier testing labs in Florida. Florida has one of the strictest testing regulations in the country tied only with California. This strict testing policy in Florida protects the population of Florida from any questionable CBD companies. Here at H2, we don’t only try to meet the standard, we strive to surpass it. Every product and batch that leaves our facility has been verified and confirmed to be accurate. When we see news stories about products being found to contain no CBD or very low CBD compared to its advertised dose, it infuriates our team. We have made it our mission to bring a trust factor back to our brand and our products. We stand behind our concentrations and invite anyone to test our products as we guarantee our product line to have accurate and confirmed results. 

H2 Botanix Production Facility

H2 Botanix’s production facility is a state of the art design, built from the experience of our teams 20+ years in the cannabis and hemp industry.

Our 13,500 square foot facility allows us to maintain a “clean” working environment where we start with a cryo-ethanol wash, dialing in the process to only remove the desired cannabinoids and terpenes.  The material is then passed through multiple stages of filtration to refine and remove any unwanted materials.  We then winterize and filter again to remove any plant fats or other contaminants from the plant that managed to make it through our initial filtration steps. This is then followed by a decarboxylation to allow the maximum amount of CBD to be absorbed by the body. We then distill this polished “crude” oil into very pure CBD distillate. This pure CBD is then given to our product development team where they mix and package our entire product line in house. We have a 4500 square foot clean room where our entire product line is filled, packaged, labeled, and boxed up for transport under the watchful eyes of our production managers.