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CBD Softgel Capsules

Add CBD to your vitamin routine with our easy to swallow H2 Processing CBD oil softgel pills. Choose from 30-60 count bottles with concentrated CBD. CBD softgel capsule can be your daily vitamin for a healthier you.

CBD Softgel Capsules process

CBD capsules are super easy to take; they recommend to take it orally with any beverage to make it go down. Is best to take it around the same time everyday.

Why choose H2 Processing CBD Softgels Capsules

H2 Processing is committed to give you everything you need from high quality, low prices and variety. We test each and every batch to ensure you are getting the safest and most effective products. Our plants are home grown and hand picked right in the USA. We test and certify all of our products.

CBD softgel Capsules FAQs

CBD softgels are one-piece capsules. Softgels have smoother shapes and are easier to swallow. Our softgels are airtight and have a longer shelf life. Capsules are usually neutral flavor and have shorter shelf life.

CBD softgels are released slower into the body similar to vitamins. Once digested, the product is absorbed into your bloodstream. This is when the effects of CBD onset and people notice their symptoms subsiding.

No, the same way you do not chew vitamins, you do not chew the capsules.

CBD capsules are the most convenient by far. Simply take them as you would a vitamin. You can take them with water or coffee in the morning to start off your day. Our softgels are flavored with a hint of peppermint.