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CBD Edibles

Because of the versatility of CBD oil, it can be infused into foods. The FDA does allow CBD oil infused food and is doing more and more research on it. It is also popularly added to drinks such as coffee, juices, kombucha, and more. Products infused with CBD oil should be labeled with how many milligrams the item contains.

CBD Maple Sugar Packets process

You can add these to your coffee or tea the same way you would normal sugar! Combine with your natural sweetener of choice if you would like to sweeten your drink beyond your desired dose.

Why choose H2 Processing CBD Edibles

We proudly use natural ingredients in all of our products. Even the maple syrup used in our sweetener is from a mom and pop farm in Vermont. We are intimately involved in every step of the process from working with our partner farms to ensure we only use the highest quality hemp, to refining and processing the purest CBD to be used in our product line. We have a Florida CBD Food Handling License, so our products are held to the same standards as restaurants and other food selling facilities. We also have our own testing lab onsite to make sure everything is of top notch quality.

CBD Edibles FAQs

Yes! The FDA has allowed legal CBD edibles for some time to be sold within state lines and when both states allow it.