What is Tincture Oil

January 12, 2021

What is tincture? H2 processing tincture oil for sale. The benefits of tincture oil and more

CBD is short for cannabidiol. It is that is made up of various chemical compounds established in marijuana plants. CBD tincture oil is popularly used to relieve pain and decrease anxiety. Pure CBD tincture oil can be ingested directly, added to a beverage of choice, or even applied topically. It contains up to 60 to 70 percent of alcohol, vegetable glycerin, and different flavors of pure CBD tincture oil. We only add organic flavors to give the tinctures a more desirable taste and smell. This allows the CBD to be easily digested by your body.

Tincture drops

H2 Botanix has manufactured pure CBD tincture drops of the highest quality and affordable price. The long shelf life of these drops makes them convenient easy to store. These are a natural way to ease pain and stress. A benefit of CBD tinctures is that you can start with a small dose and work your way up to the right amount that works for you.

Benefits of pure CBD tincture drops

• It’s a natural alternative that helps reduce stress; with this, it also is said to reduce chronic pain, arthritis, or joint pain. Many studies have supported that CBD oil gives relief from pain, anxiety, depression, And sleep disorders.

• CBD is said to increase feelings of calmness and relaxation. In a 2016 study, the European Journal of Pain has used a model of an animal for the test of CBD to check that is any effect in arthritis pain or it reduces it or not. They applied the topical gel, which has CBD, to rats with arthritis for nearly four days. The research noted the importance of inflammation and pain indication without any side effects on the rats. After that, many people find out this tincture oil very helpful in release their pain.

• One NCBI study found that CBD can be beneficial in reducing the spasms and pain from

Multiple Sclerosis

• It is non-intoxicating and organic. It is an herbal tincture made up of water with the alcohol used to extract compounds from the plants. These tinctures are formed from CBD strains of hemp with approximately 60 to 70 percent alcohol, and all natural ingredients.  

• It can also help you manage your daily stress of life. Most of the population work jobs that are highly stressful. Many people work office jobs where they sit at a desk all day long. This can can cause back pain and sometimes Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Tincture drops are a convenient way to help reduce pain and stress according to a 2015 analysis showed that CBD helped with stress and anxiety.

How to use CBD Tincture Oil

1. A full dropper of pure CBD tincture drops contains about 3.5mg of CBD. To fully absorb the tincture drop, the person who is taking drops must hold the recipe in the tongue for 30 to 60 seconds.

2. Low servings of pure CBD tincture drops: 3.7 gm of CBD is a low dose that can be used if seeking a sense of calm.

3.Medium serving size: 10 to 13.5 gm. This is often taken for giving the whole body relaxation. Also, if there is any pain in one’s joints; this quantity of tincture drops can provide relief from pain. Remember: the effect on one’s body varies from person to person. You may need less or more to get your desired effect. Start small and work your way up! We recommend starting with a small dose and increasing that incrementally until you achieve your desired result. Take your time!

Frequently asked questions about CBD tincture drops

What is the difference between CBD oil and tincture?

CBD tincture base is made by alcohol, and the oil base is made up of cannabidiol oil. CBD oil contains more potency than a tincture as CBD has a low bioavailability compared to tincture.

What is CBD oil tincture?

CBD oil is an outcome derived from cannabis. A cannabinoid is a chemical found in marijuana. It is not intoxicating like the other popular chemical in marijuana, THC. Tincture drops can be used for a multitude of reasons.

How to take CBD oil tincture?

They are usually taken sublingually, that is, under the tongue. As you have begun your CBD journey for the first time, drop your desired amount of liquid under the tongue and leave it for a minute before swallowing. It may feel a little weird, but by this, the oil gets absorbed in your bloodstream more efficiently 

Do I take CBD tincture oil on an empty stomach?

There are differing opinions as to whether CBD should be ingested on an empty stomach. Some say that the effect comes quicker this way. Other say that when taken with food, the body takes longer to digest, thus absorbing more into your bloodstream.
These H2 CBD tincture oils are beneficial for many customers and have many satisfied, loyal customer. The best part is that all of our ingredients are natural, and we test every batch to ensure every bottle is of the upmost quality. We provide the directions on our product page on how to use it and when. Check out our different products in our product page.