The Differences Between Hemp Oil and CBD Oil

April 12, 2021

The Differences Between Hemp Oil and CBD Oil

A few years ago, the 2018 farm bill was passed in the United States which made industrial hemp production legal. With that, it also paved a way for the production of Cannabidiol to be legal. However, though it is legal at the federal level, you still have to make sure that it is also legal in the laws of your state.

With its legalization, there have been lots of product that was inspired by CBD, some are even beauty products. However, since this is a new ingredient for many people, there can be some confusion between CBD oil vs Hemp oil and you might think that “is CBD oil also Hemp oil?”. Fortunately, there are many studies that tell us how we can differentiate these two.

CBD Oil vs Hemp Oil

According to studies, Hemp oil originated from the seeds of Cannabis Sativa plants. On the other hand, CBD oil is a compound that is being extracted from the flower or leaves of the said plant. Also, Hemp seed oil (another name for hemp oil) does not contain CBD but might probably have traces of CBD in it.


In terms of products, both CBD oil and Hempseed oil are popular in that field, especially in skincare products. According to many pieces of research, some of the benefits of hemp seed oil are that it contains anti-inflammatory characteristics, makes your skin well-moisturized, and avoids the clogging of your pores. Hemp seed oil can also be used as a single separate skincare product which is called “face oil” or it can be used as an ingredient to create another skincare product.

Meanwhile, studies also prove that CBD oil is also a great anti-inflammatory product. It can also be used to treat skin issues like sensitive skin, psoriasis, acne, rashes, and eczema. In addition, research shows that CBD oil contains lots of antioxidants, which is why there are many trendy skincare products that use CBD oil as an ingredient.

Things to Know About CBD and Hemp Oil

There are many other important things to know about these two that are backed up by many studies. One example is that it does not get you high. Many people continue to wonder if there is a possibility that you’ll get “high” when taking products with these ingredients. However, many studies have already proved that CBD oil will not get you that kind of sensation.

Other Studies

Moreover, other studies show that CBD oil can also be used to treat body pains, depression, anxiety, or even premenstrual syndromes. Our CBD oil will cost around $ 24.99 for 500 mg.

Legal Concern 

About legal concerns, CBD oil products that are derived from Hemp plants are already legal on a federal level (should be less than 0.3 THC content), but under some state laws, it is not yet legal. On the other hand, CBD oil products that came from a marijuana plant are illegal on federal laws but are already legal on some state laws.