The Complete Guide for Taking CBD Oil

February 15, 2021

The Complete Guide for Taking CBD Oil

Up to this day, there are still many ongoing research and studies about some cannabis plants' potential in providing valuable health benefits to people. Believe it or not, studies are showing there is already one compound that shows promising results, and that is Cannabidiol, also known as CBD.

According to the research in PubMed Central, unlike Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, the CBD does not produce any side effects of being "high." The research about this compound is already developing, but it's still in the early phase. The Food and Drug Administration is also yet to regulate CBD products, and the use of this has only been approved for epilepsy.

Moreover, studies prove how CBD oil can be used for the protection of nerves from damages, anxiety, and pain management. Those research also shows the possibility of CBD being used as a treatment for Alzheimer's Disease.

Different Ways to Use CBD Oil

Now that you know the studies about the potential of CBD, here is a quick guide about some of the ways to take CBD oil that is appropriate for your needs.


One method on how to ingest CBD oil is through sublingual products. According to studies, these products are created in the process of extracting the CBD and then dissolving it in alcohol. These products are usually consumed by spraying, dropper, or small tablets.

An important thing to know about taking CBD oil drops is that this process preserves more of the CBD rather than an edible CBD product. Also, the effects of CBD in these types of products might show up faster than edible products.


Studies show that this is the most common and subtle way on how to take CBD oil orally. Taking CBD by mouth is the best way to take CBD if you want to mask CBD oil's weedy taste. There are many types of this product such as mints, gummy candies, truffles, maple sugar and much more.

However, some studies prove how CBD oil's effectiveness can take longer and decrease because of the "first-pass effect," which means that the CBD is already partially processed by the digestive tract and liver of our body, which prolongs the effect of CBD oil to show up.


According to studies, another way on how to use CBD is by smoking it in a joint or using a vaporizer. It should be a high-CBD cannabis flower, or if you're using a vaporizer, you can put a CBD oil in the cartridge of your vaporizer. 

CBD concentrates like sugar waxes that you can take using a vape pen that contains a chamber for those CBD concentrates. This way of taking CBD allows the compound to enter directly into your bloodstream, making the effects faster and even more useful.


The last way on how to use CBD oil is by applying it to your body's skin. There are various topical CBD products in lotion, creams, patches, balms, and salves. Studies suggest that this is a great way to treat skin issues or localized body pain. Also, research indicates that when using topical CBD products, make sure that it has a high amount of CBD and apply it to your skin generously because of our skin's permeability.

So What is the Best Way To Take CBD?

Researchers believe that there is no single individual "best" way to take CBD oil, so which is why experts suggest consulting your doctor first about these things along with how much CBD oil to take, how frequent, and if it will interact with your other medication (if there are any).