Does CBD oil need refrigeration?

April 12, 2021

Does CBD oil need refrigeration?

CBD that is an abbreviation of cannabidiol, is the most commonly found component among various other constituents present in cannabis Sativa or hemp. Cannabis is the scientific name of both marijuana and hemp. Marijuana is used for recreational or addictive purposes, while hemp is used to treat anxiety, insomnia, headache, joint pain, cancer pain, and mainly for getting rid of anxiety and depression.

What is CBD?

Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is a psychologically active compound that is the main component of marijuana. It has addiction potential and is commonly used for recreational purposes. While CBD, referred to as cannabidiol, is present in hemp and does not have CNS modulatory effects, and doesn't cause intoxication.

Is CBD The Best Option To Treat Pains?

That's the reason for its use as the best option for treating pain or multiple other ailments. CBD oil is a natural product used to treat ailments and used for overall wellbeing. It affects each individual's system in a slightly different way, and hence doses and timings to take it are different for everyone.

Some people like to feel the wellness given by CBD oil during their daytime activities. For the people who want to use it for treating insomnia, it is advised to use it in the evening – one or two hours before going to sleep – to take the best benefits.

Does CBD oil need to be refrigerated?

Typically, there is no need to refrigerate the CBD oil. However, many CBD oil-containing products are labeled to be kept in a cool place away from light. These are the general instructions that are mentioned on the packing of every product. Now the question you may be asking, should I refrigerate CBD oil? Oils are viscous substances, and when the temperature rises above a certain level, their viscosity may be decreased. Unlike the question, “does hemp oil need to be refrigerated”, the answers are quite different.

CBD Refrigerated In Cool Temperatures?

Should CBD oil be refrigerated, the temperature should range between 8-20 degrees centigrade. This temperature is somehow near room temperature, so if you don't even place the oil in the fridge and the surroundings are not very hot, that's fine.

CBD Refrigerated In Hot Temperatures?

Suppose storing cannabis oil is not placed at a hot temperature, above the cool temperature. In that case, there are fewer chances that the cannabinoids that are constituting the oil will undergo thermal degradation. Heat-sensitive products typically get expired if placed in higher than recommended temperatures because of thermal degradation.

CBD oil can also undergo such reactions; hence it is recommended to be placed at an ambient temperature.

What are the drawbacks of refrigeration?

Are you supposed to refrigerate CBD oil? If you place CBD oil in the refrigerator as mentioned on the label, it may become too thick to be dispensed. Viscosity is often increased at lower temperatures as compared to the higher temperature. In the products where coconut or olive oils are used as carrier oils, there are more chances of increasing the thickness of products as these carrier oils tend to harden soon at lower temperatures.

Can CBD Oil Thickened In The Cold?

Can you freeze CBD oil? Once you place your oil in the refrigerator and it gets thickened, never warm or melt it by placing it in the oven as it may stimulate degradation. First of all, try to make it normal by placing it at room temperature.

But if you are in a hurry and want the oil to be melted soon, take the bowl of warm water and place the oil bottle in it with the lid completely closed. You can place the oil in the refrigerator to acquire the normal consistency if it reaches you in molten form because of external temperature.

How does refrigeration affect CBD oil?

Most people prefer to buy the products – especially the products with a longer shelf life – in bulk. They may choose to do this because of self-ease and cost-effectiveness as bulk products cost you a little less than scattered products. Moreover, delivery charges are also cut down if you order the product from some online stores. After buying bulk quantity, the next step is to maintain the quality and prevention from the environmental temperature, which is how to store CBD oil.

Does hemp oil go bad?

You might be wondering, “Does hemp oil go bad”, “Do cannabis oil go bad” or “Does CBD oil go bad”? The expiry date is up to one year for the CBD drops. So, if you will purchase the drops in bulk, there are chances of wastage of the product after one year. You can use CBD oil storage such as a refrigerator. Can refrigeration either keep the product intact or have no refrigeration effect on the product's shelf life? You can enhance the storing CBD oil life in two ways; either you can keep it in the fridge as it is, or you can seal it and then place it in the refrigerator.

The second method is more effective as it makes the product spill-proof, and there are also no chances of hydrolysis. You can take it out at the time of use and bring it to the standard form by keeping it for some time at room temperature. In this way, CBD oil products can be prevented from expired, and you can use a single order for a long time.

Does sunlight affect the CBD oil?

Higher temperatures often stimulate specific chemical reactions, such as degradation of the molecular substances present in the product. The same is the case of CBD oil. Sunlight can cause molecular degradation of the cannabinoids that are present in CBD oil. Thus, to prevent expiration, always keep the oil away from direct sunlight.

Keeping the product away from the UV radiation present in the sunlight increases the shelf life of a product. Moreover, an essential step in purchasing a CBD oil product is to check its packaging thoroughly. Keeping in a refrigerator or away from sunlight will only be useful for you if the product is intact before buying it.

If the container is leaking, open, or broken, never buy it as it may of no use for you to take care of it if it has been degraded before you take it home.